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Humpback correction strap effect

Humpback correction strap effect


Preventing spine deformation can effectively prevent humpback and spine bending, correct the bad posture of adolescents in dynamic and static states, and help the human body maintain the correct sitting, standing, walking and walking posture.


Preventing the occurrence of myopia can improve the short-distance eyes caused by thoracic hump, gradually restore reasonable eye distance, eliminate visual fatigue, and eliminate the formation of myopia in the bud state.


Relieve muscle fatigue, can make the body shoulder, back, waist, abdomen balanced force, relieve muscle fatigue, protect the waist and back safety, and maintain a natural upright posture. It is suitable for all kinds of personnel who are engaged in long-term standing, sedentary desks, maintaining the same posture for too long and causing back muscle fatigue and shoulder aches and back pains.


How to use hump correction belt:


Select the appropriate model according to the height and waist of the user. After wearing, you should be able to feel the tension and pressure of the three bearing surfaces of the anterior shoulder area, spine area, and waist and abdomen area. It should not be too tight or too loose.


When using this product, you should wear it on the outside of your underwear, place your belly belt on the navel, and compact the hook and loop with the Velcro.


Under normal circumstances, adhere to wear for 2-4 months to develop a straight and upright body shape, you can stop using after the body shape returns to normal.



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