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How long-term running enthusiasts can protect their knees

Usually running has wear on the knee, which is inevitable, so we have to find a way to reduce the wear on the knee. So, how can long-term running protect your knees?




1. Wear professional equipment for running. For hard ground, shoe elasticity is also very important, which can reduce the impact of sports on knee




2. The running posture is also very important, which can effectively avoid the injury caused by sports. Lower the arm and swing forward, head forward, and keep the shoulder directly above.




3. Running is not only leg muscle, but also the small muscle groups and upper limbs of feet, ankles and joints. At the beginning of running, don't increase the amount too much. In general, don't run every day, accelerate a little bit, and don't run more than 10% more than the previous week. Before running, you must do a good job of warm-up, prevention and treatment of sprains, such as squatting, leg pressing and other sports. You must pay special attention to the knee, and rest first if you are injured. Try not to run on the cement road. The cement road is hard, too much dust on the car is not good for the lungs, and the sand and mud road in the community is better. When running downhill, you should slow down constantly. Usually, most people will touch the ground with all their feet in long-distance running. You must pay attention to the slight bend of the knee to avoid the impact of the road on the knee



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